Friday, January 10, 2014

Series Love #22: The Hush Hush Saga

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Series Love is a meme we came up with. There are so many amazing book series out there. We love to share the love and help spread the word. If you want to play along all you have to do is pick a series. It doesn’t matter if it only has one book or a million, as long as you include the authors name and the covers of the books.

In case you didn't know we've decided to start doing our meme's Series Love and Author Love again. It's been nearly a year since we've done them last so we'll have plenty of new material to gush about. But don't be surprised when some of the old favorites pop up again :)

My pick this week is:

I've been reading this series for a while. It was one of the series I read when I was first really getting into reading. It's still one of my favorites. I actually just read Finale last month so all the emotions are fresh. Becca Fitzpatrick does such a good job putting twists in the fallen angel lore and it's so interesting to read about. While the main character annoyed me at times and the series could have done without Crescendo, I still love it. It has such interesting characters and one of my favorite bad boys turned good, Patch Cipriano. Plus that there's plenty kissing, and it's all wrapped up with beautiful covers. If you want an fun series that you won't be able to put down, this is it. Also did I already mention Patch? Because he should definitely be mentioned.

If you've read this series let me know what you thought of it in the comments. Even if you haven't a comment is still greatly appreciated! See y'all next time :) 


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