Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Update

Hi guys! Happy New Year to you all! We have a update for you guys. We're gonna be changing some things this year!

 We're bringing back author love and series love. We took a break from those memes because we ran out of options. It's been quite some time since we did them. This meme is posted on Fridays. Instead of doing both author and series love, we're going to alternate. One week will be author and the next week will be series :).

We have decided to not accept review requests anymore. We spent this last year incredibly swamped and stressed out with it. We love self published and indie authors. We may decide to accept them again but for now we're taking a break! 

So those are the two changes for this year! We plan on having a super fun year of blogging! We're planning on attending TLA 2014 in April. As always we will be around most of the DFW events. Thanks so much for sticking with us guys <3 font="" nbsp="">


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