Thursday, August 16, 2012

Luminescence by J.L. Weil Review

Luminescence (Luminescence Trilogy, #1)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Self Published
Source: Author
First book in Luminescence series
*This was gifted to me by author for review*
Caught between a dream and reality, Brianna Rafferty finds herself in a unique love triangle between two guys that cast her into the most spellbinding journey of her existence.
Orphaned at a young age, Brianna resides with her aunt in the small town of Holly Ridge, North Carolina, where she stumbles into Gavin Mason, the sexy dark and mysterious new guy who defiantly has a secret worth uncovering. Gavin might absorb her days but it was Lukas Devine who had her nights. The boy next door guy of her dreams – literally, Lukas heats up her dreams and blurs her heart. The more time she spends with them, the stranger things become.
Her senior year is proving to be anything but uneventful.

This wasn't what I was expecting at all. It reminded me a lot of Twilight but witches instead of vampires. Once I got into it I never wanted to put it down. The storyline was great and I loved the characters. It left me wanting more. I can't wait for the sequel.

I really liked Brianna. I liked how accepting she was. She didn't give anything a second thought, she just went with it. Of course when it came to herself she didn't handle it as well. I still thought she was easy to relate too. I'm glad by the end she accepted who she was and really came into herself. I loved Gavin. He's not really the type of guy I normally like. He's the bad boy. Even though he was the bad boy, he was still pretty sweet. He had a good personality. His family was what reminded me of Twilight. I liked his family a lot. I like how they all played their own little part. I didn't really understand Lukas. I felt like he should have played a bigger part. I have a feeling that will come up later in the series. I also have a feeling I wont like him very much because he could cause a love triangle.

This was very hard to put down. It wasn't incredibly fast paced but it didn't bore me. I loved all the magic. I felt like the author put a lot of creativity into the magical aspect of the story. One thing that could use a little work was, there was a few spelling and grammar errors. It could use a good look through. Other than that I really enjoyed this. Everything seemed very well done. I'm excited to see where this story is going to go and I highly recommend. 5/5 stars

Jasmine <3

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