Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rapture by Lauren Kate Review

Rapture (Fallen, #4)
Reading Level:Young Adult
Publisher:Delacrote Press
Last book in Fallen series
Expected Publication:June 12th 2012
The sky is dark with wings . . . .
Like sand in an hourglass, time is running out for Luce and Daniel. To stop Lucifer from erasing the past they must find the place where the angels fell to earth. Dark forces are after them, and Daniel doesn’t know if he can do this—live only to lose Luce again and again.
Yet together they will face an epic battle that will end with lifeless bodies . . . and angel dust. Great sacrifices are made. Hearts are destroyed. And suddenly Luce knows what must happen.
For she was meant to be with someone other than Daniel. The curse they’ve borne has always and only been about her—and the love she cast aside. The choice she makes now will be the only one that truly matters.
In the fight for Luce, who will win?
The astonishing conclusion to the FALLEN series. Heaven can’t wait any longer.

Let me just say it would be a good idea to reread the rest of the series before reading this one. It talks a lot about the past. I didn't reread and I was really confused the first few chapters. So I'm gonna fangirl a little bit so bear with me :). I'm so sad this series is over. Rapture was the perfect conclusion. It was amazing and went way beyond what I was expecting. Lauren Kate is amazing and she's really nice in person. I seriously cannot wait to see what she comes up with next.

I've seen a lot of hate on Luce. I don't really see why. I mean she isn't my favorite heroine but I don't hate her. I liked her best in this. She was so much stronger. She grows into herself. Daniel is seriously the love of my life. I swear he's amazing. Luce and Daniel are adorable. They have been through a lot and they still manage to make everything work. I know a lot of people love Cam. He's ok. I mean I like him he's pretty chill. I don't really have much of an opinion on him. I love fallen's secondary characters. Of course someone has to die(I'm not going to say who). That part made me tear up a little bit. It was really sad but I'm glad it wasn't one of the main characters. All of the secondary characters have their own part to play. I like that they were a big part of the story too.

This book had one of the best plots ever. Something was always happening. The action never stopped. But there was still time for Luce and Daniel to be all cute and lovey dovey. Those little adorable moments make my life. I've seen some people on twitter who say they want their questions answered. I think this answered any questions anyone might have. I honestly hope this meets everyones expectations. I think it was a perfect conclusion and I can't wait to see what everyone else thinks. 5/5 stars

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