Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

I was nominated by the lovely Scarlett Rains .Thank you so much Scarlett for this award :).This is what happens when you are nominated: You write seven facts about yourself, You link the blog of the person who nominated you, You link seven bloggers who you think deserve the award, And you let those bloggers know they were nominated.

Here are my seven facts-
I have six dogs.
I'm a cheerleader.
I'm homeschooled.
I'm only 15 :).
I'm obsessed with the color blue.
I love talking to people on twitter.
Lastly I own too many electronics.

Pretty boring right?

Here are my seven bloggers-
Marissa because she is my bestfriend.
Karen because she is so nice.
Ren because I love talking to her on twitter.
Monica because of her obsession for the Fallen series.
Alison  because I love meeting new bloggeres.
Aneeqah because I love her reviews.
Lastly Kristen because I love meeting new bloggers.

Thats it. Check out all the links. I'm excited to see everyone's posts. Happy reading.

Jasmine <3


  1. Aww! Thanks so much. I also happen to have an obsession for the color blue ;) So glad we met on Twitter! :D

  2. I love Aneeqah too! (She's a long time friend:)
    Congrats!! Homeschooled wow! I've always wondered what that is like

    1. I actually just met Aneeqah the other day at a signing. We always talked on twitter. She is super nice :)

  3. Hi Jasmine. I was a cheerleader too, back in the day. It's been awhile. They were using candles for light back then. :) I dropped by to chat and drop off this link to your nomination. Please, follow the link and add your link in at the bottom of your comment (where it says create a link). Then, we're officially hooked up.
    All the best...