Sunday, May 6, 2012

Author Guest Post with Andrea Cefalo

We asked Andrea Cefalo to do a guest post for us while she waits for our reviews. Shes going to be telling us a little bit about how she came up with her story. Here it is.

I get asked how I came up with the idea for The Fairytale Keeper series quite often.  It’s a question I love to answer.The idea came to me six years ago while I was getting myundergraduate degree in education.  I was listening to a lecture about the commonalities of fairy tales.  The professor said that nearly all culture shave a Cinderella story.  France,Germany, Italy,China, India, and Native America all have their own versions.  This made me wonder if one person, living thousands of years ago, could have been the real Cinderella.  Could it be possible that this one girl spawned all the different versions of the story?  Well, that’s probably not likely.  I think it’s more likely that every culture has had a famous beauty that rose from a low station to a high one with the aid of good looks and charm. 
I like the Cinderella story, butI’ve seen it retold more than a few times and didn’t want my entire series to be based on that one tale.  Also, at the time, I was more familiar with the French version which was too light of a story for me.  Had I been more familiar with the Grimm Brother’s version of the tale six years ago, The Fairytale Keeper series may have been an entirely different story. 
I quickly settled on The Snow Whitetale to use as the basis for the story and quickly became fond of Grimm’s fairytales because they are darker than most other collections.  I became so enthralled with the many tales thatI twisted my unlikely hypothesis (that the Cinderella tale originated from one girl) into the presumption that one girl could have been the origin of Grimm’smost famous fairy tales.  In my series,that girl is Adelaide Schumacher, a cobbler’s daughter living in 13thcentury Cologne, Germany.  Unbeknownst to Adelaide, she’ll not only be the origin of Grimm’s most famous fairy tales, she’llalso immortalize herself as the legendary Snow White. 

Sounds cool right. Here is a link to her book on goodreads . Keep an eye out for our reviews :).

Jasmine and Marissa <3.

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