Thursday, June 14, 2012

Review: Surrender by Elana Johnson

Surrender (Possession, #2)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Second book in the Possession series

Forbidden love, intoxicating power, and the terror of control…

Raine has always been a good girl. She lives by the rules in Freedom. After all, they are her father’s rules: He’s the Director. It’s because of him that Raine is willing to use her talent—a power so dangerous, no one else is allowed to know about it. Not even her roommate, Vi.

All of that changes when Raine falls for Gunner. Raine’s got every reason in the world to stay away from Gunn, but she just can’t. Especially when she discovers his connection to Vi’s boyfriend, Zenn. Raine has never known anyone as heavily brainwashed as Vi. Raine’s father expects her to spy on Vi and report back to him. But Raine is beginning to wonder what Vi knows that her father is so anxious to keep hidden, and what might happen if she helps Vi remember it. She’s even starting to suspect Vi’s secrets might involve Freedom’s newest prisoner, the rebel Jag Barque....

*This a review for a sequel. If you haven't read Possession yet you need to go do that right now because it is amazing and there will be spoilers*
I read Possession the first book in this series last year and absolutely loved it. There was a ton of action, the world was fascinating and I fell in love with the characters. It's one of my favorite dystopians and dystopian is one of my favorite genres. I love reading about a futuristic world with an overbearing government that controls everything and everyone. It makes me grateful for the world I live in. Because I would not want to live in any of the dystopian worlds I read about. Especially not this one. The one that the characters live in in this book is very futuristic. There's a ton of technology. There's these things that are basically like smart phones in your head that tell the government what you eat, drink, what you say, what you do and basically every move you make. It was terrifying.

Like I said I fell in love the characters-especially Vi and Jag-so I was a little apprehensive going into this knowing that it was about different characters. But the characters in the first one played a big part in the second one and I adored all the new characters just as much as the old ones. Surrender is told from two perspectives. Gunner a mamas boy with a power for tech and Raine the daughter of the Director with a very special and mysterious power. I really liked that it bounced back and forth. It kept the plot moving and it was interesting to hear from two people in completely different lives put into the same situation. I absolutely loved Gunner. He was so sweet and strong and I loved how he was always there for people. I thought Raine was a very strong character despite her situation. Her father was incredibly controlling and used her power against her will to hurt people. I liked how in the beginning Gunner and Raine liked each other but it wasn't called love. They were just more aware of each other than they were of everyone else :). There wasn't any insta-love and that was refreshing. When they got together they were so freaking cute. They balanced each other out perfectly. Surprisingly I actually liked Zenn. He annoyed me to no ends in Possession-he brainwashed his girlfriend for goodness sake-but I felt so bad for him. He got to be with Vi in a way when she was brainwashed even though she wasn't herself. You could see that he really loved Vi and would do anything for her even if that meant letting her go. I really hope he gets a happy ending. Even though I did feel bad for Zenn I wanted Jag and Vi to be reunited so badly. They're meant for each other. She didn't remember him but he still remembered her and it made me so sad. All the characters in this world did little things to rebel. Like eating a ton of toast, not cutting their hair the right way or putting gel in it, kissing someone they're not supposed to. Even nail polish was a little rebellion and I loved that.

The alternating perspectives kept me turning pages and the plot moved so fast that I flew through this book. I had to seriously force myself to stop reading in the middle of the night because it was so late and the battery of my phone (which I was using as a reading light) was dying. The writing style pulls you in and doesn't let you go and I read it in huge chunks and had to force myself to stop reading again and again. There was so many characters and it was so hard to figure out who to trust because their actions and motives kept changing.

Overall I thought Surrender was a fantastic sequel to a fantastic book. Possession is pretty hard to top but this one did. New characters mixed in with the old, there was betrayals, twists and an adorable forbidden romance. This book ended on a huge cliffhanger just like Possession did and I am dying for the third book. Even though I'm afraid it's the last one I have huge faith in Elana Johnson and I have no doubt she will amaze me.
5/5 stars.


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