Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tallen Quest Of The Demon Aftermath Joint Review

Tallen (Quest of the Demon Aftermath #1)
Tallen by M. L. Sawyer
Reading Level: Young Adult
Second in a series
Growing up not far from the road to Chinta on the edge of the Jungle Dragon, Tallen is excited to have her two brothers home. Recent times have been hard, Tallen herself barely surviving an attack by a derelict stranger in their very own barn.

The war that never was has relieved them of their duty at Chinta, so much so, that her father, the Sergeant of the Guard, is able to return for a visit, bringing news of a possible suitor for Tallen, given that she is almost of that age.

Tallen is not sure what she wants, and the man her father brings home is not what anyone expected. But at least she knows that her family has her best interests at heart when the pompous, self-interested merchant's son is sent back to Chinta.

The aftermath of the Offworlder's quest remains uncertain, the battle apparently lost. But for a reluctant Tallen, the journey is only just beginning, upon a path from which there may be no return

Family was such a big part of this. I was shocked when the fire happened and suddenly Tallen had no one. I knew that the same guy was gonna come back for her because everyone kept thinking about it. John finds Tallen and then it was like she had someone other then her adorable dog Wanderer . It was kinda like they both had no one and they were meant to find each other. I kept waiting for Tallen to give up on her revenge and get started with the quest Tassleian left for her. That never happened. Basically the whole book was about her getting revenge for her family. At first I thought that was kinda annoying but in the end it made perfect sense. That also leaves it open for a sequel which I would love.
Tallen is so much different than Darci. I found it easier to connect with her. Just that made this hard to put down. Wanderer is the most adorable sidekick ever. I really liked John. His protectiveness over Tallen was cute. He was like a fatherly figure. Tallen was kinda a brat when she left him at the inn. Mouse was so adorable. Rhody seriously made this book for me. I kept waiting for a love interest. Tallen and Rhody were super cute even if it was only for a little while. I'm gonna miss these characters. Over all I really liked this. I wouldn't say it was better then Quest of the Demon. Their about equal. But this was easier to connect with :). 4/5 Stars
-Jasmine :)

The beginning of this book was so sad and I totally did not see it coming. Basically her whole family dies and all she has left is Wanderer one of the puppy's of her dog who died too. I don't think I could go through what Tallen does in this book and not completely fall apart and I really liked Tallen because of that she was super strong even though she was mourning she didn't get that get in the way of what she was trying to do. Which was get revenge on Slevin the guy whose fault it was that her whole family died. This book was way different than Quest of the Demon because even though there was was a quest she needed to do she put that aside and the main plot was her trying to get revenge there as so much more than that. I really loved all the characters. Like I said Tallen is super strong and determined almost to determined. John was really supportive up until the end and I really liked him. Wanderer was probably my favorite even though he's a dog if I had a side-kick I would want it to be him :) Mouse was adorable he would be a good side-kick too and no he's not really a mouse. Rhody was awesome him and Tallen were super cute and I hope they can work it all out in the end. Slevin was absolutely horrible I hated him and he deserved everything that happened to him. Overall I liked this book as much as Quest of the Demon and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next book.
4/5 stars.


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