Monday, March 18, 2013

Stephenie Meyer and Lauren Oliver Events!

We had some amazing events this past week! Lauren Oliver was at a local library. I (Jasmine) had never met her so I was very excited. Sadly we were running a little late and missed some of her discussion and were at the very back of the line. We did get to hear the Q and A though. She answered some great questions including future books and the Delirium TV show. I'll be honest when I say I had somewhat given up on the show. Only because I don't want to pitch a fit about them changing things because it really doesn't do much. Of course I still planned on watching but I wasn't worried about what they changed. After hearing Lauren speak about it, I'm actually growing more and more excited! She sounds very happy and thinks it will do well. For now we wait and see. The line was incredibly long. I think we ended up waiting at least an hour and a half if not two hours! But, it was worth it! We got to socialize a little. Sadly, we didn't see many blogger friends( Although we did run into the amazing Lindsey Cummings author of The Murder Complex) but, we did make some new friends with the people behind us and saw a few people from the Opal Release party. Eventually we made it to the front and got our books signed. Lauren was so nice and it was amazing to meet her! We have a few pictures for you guys :).

Lauren speaking.

Us with Lauren!

Jasmine's signed books. She signed Delirium thanks for coming, Pandemonium was actually already signed, Marissa had it signed for me at a previous signing and it says you best friend is the best, Requiem is signed do not read the ending first because I told her how  badly I wanted to be in the know and finally know how it ends that I almost read it during the Q and A. Luckily Marissa stopped me. (Marissa says you're welcome :))
Marissa's signed books.
 My ARC of the Spindlers says 'beware of the evil Spindlers' which makes me want to read it, Pandemonium says 'I'm glad you'll finally have your own copy of Pandemonium', and Requiem says 'Take down the walls' which I'll be sure to do! It was so lovely to meet her again and isn't her signature pretty?
Now for Stephenie Meyer! This signing was absolutely huge! The total was said to be 600 people! We had gone and gotten the priority tickets so we had a wrist band with the letter H on it. I'm pretty sure they went all the way down to L and who knows how many people were in each group. They lined our group up then took us upstairs. They had all the groups weaved in and out of rows of books. It was actually very orderly which made me pretty happy. They handed out sticky notes and we waited. I think we waited for at least two hours after arriving which was honestly better than I expected. Eventually we got to a point in line when we could see Max and Jake at their table. Which caused a frenzy of fangirling! I'm pretty sure Max Irons waved at me and it might have made my life (he would have waved at me (Marissa) too but I had to look away to avoid spontaneous combustion from blushing too much). We got to Stephanie and she was really nice! Jasmine talked about how old she was when she read Twilight and how it didn't make Stephanie feel old. Marissa's age made her feel old, though. I (Marissa) got to thank her for getting me into reading which is something that I never, ever thought I would be able to do. We even managed to get a picture with all three of us. Then we moved on to Max and Jake and the ability to talk left us. Their hotness is amazing. Jake is adorable and Max has the best accent ever. If I could have someone calling me 'love' or saying to take care in an accent like his everyday I would be a very happy girl. Which is why my mom said after that I would definitely not be studying abroad in England. They signed our posters and off we went. This might have been the best signing ever. Meeting Stephanie Meyer is definitely something to cross off the book bucket list. It was such an amazing experience and we both would do it over a million times if we could. Now onto the pictures!
Just a little of the crowd (and the top of Marissa's head)

Us with Stephenie

Jasmine's signed books

Jasmine's books
Marissa's books. Seriously if there was a fire my old, beat up, and now signed copy of Twilight would be something I grab.
Marissa's wristbands from both events. I was certainly sad to cut these off.


  1. That is so cool that you got to meet Lauren Oliver and Stephanie Meyer!!