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Blog Tour Stop:Fight or Flight by Jamie Canosa Review and Guest Post

Fight or Flight
Reading Level: YA or NA
Publisher: Self Published
Source: Author
First book in a possible series
Be smart.
Keep your head down.
And look out for number one.

These are the rules Jay has lived by for the past two years. The rules of surviving life on the streets. But when Em comes bursting into his life, in all of her disastrous glory, the rules go right out the window.
Flee what’s been left behind
And never look back.

Em’s plan was simple. Though, it was easier said than done. The city streets are dangerous and unforgiving to a new arrival. Especially, a seventeen year old girl who’s never known anything but life in the suburbs. Sometimes, however, what’s lurking behind those white picket fences can be more frightening than any dark alley.
Both of them made the same decision when life got overwhelming—to run from their demons. Brought together by fate or circumstance, Em and Jay find the kind of love neither of them ever expected. But when those demons come back to haunt them and their love is on the line, which instincts will they choose to follow this time . . .
Fight or Flight?
*Warning: This story includes mature language and themes, and is intended for mature audiences.

My goodness this book was amazing. I had high expectations and this met them with ease. I loved it with all my heart. It was a well done, unique read with fabulous characters.

Both Em and Jay had horrible pasts. They have escaped to the streets with hope of a better life. Jay having lived on the streets for two years knows the way things work. He runs into Em and can't help but want to help her. Little does he know Em could change his life forever.

I was impressed with Jay and Em. I liked reading from both perspectives. They were really amazing characters by hey had such hard lives but they never gave up. I loved that they took things slow with no intention of ever getting together. Em had her moments where I questioned her. But, she just didn't want to have to rely on someone. I find that admirable and I liked how hard she tried to help even if it didn't turn out well most of the time. Is there somewhere I can find a Jay? He was drop dead amazing. I loved how caring he was. He didn't even know Em but he still wanted to protect her. Jay and Em were absolutely adorable. I was so happy they got their happy ending :).

This has an amazing storyline. No only did it have a unique story, I really felt like I could take something from it. There was some real life problems that I haven't really come across too much. I mean I've never experienced the streets or known someone on the streets. I thought that was such an honest yet fascinating concept. Even though this had its serious moments, it also had lots of cute and a few happy moments too. It was a good mix. The story wasn't incredibly fast but it did have some action moments. And I couldn't put it down because I was enjoying it so much. Overall I loved this with all my heart in case you can't tell. I thought it was amazing and I highly recommend!


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Author Bio:
Jamie Canosa
Jamie Canosa is a full timeauthor of YA literature, which she absolutely loves. When she’s not writing orspending time with her family, she can usually be found with her nose in abook. She currently resides in Upstate NY with her husband, and their threecrazy kids . . . plus the dog, the bird, and the rabbit.


Her debut novel, Dissidence,was published in 2012 along with several novellas, including the first in her Heartand Soul series, ‘Temptation’.