Sunday, March 24, 2013

Discussion Post: Long reviews VS Short reviews

I know I write short reviews! But my reviews have been something I've been trying hard to work on! I do like them short. I know a lot of my reviews are the same. A lot of the times I feel the same way about most books. I either love it or its just okay. And most of the time when I love it I love it for the same reason as I love other books.

Am I the only one intimidated by long reviews? I swear its hard for me to read long reviews. If its more than like 4 paragraphs I don't want to read it. Unless their short paragraphs. I just find them harder to relate too when their long. I know lots of people like to see long reviews but their really just not for me. I like reviews that have valid points but don't drag on. But, I also don't like too see terribly short reviews! If a review is like two paragraphs, I think it's too short. I can understand if you just didn't have much to say about a book. And if you write a short review but talk enough about the storyline and characters. Then it's not a bad review.

Reviews are really my favorite part of a blog! I love to read reviews of books I've read. I don't really read many reviews of books I haven't read but I am trying to read more. I find it easy to relate too and leave a comment for a review of something I've read. I enjoy them more. I also love seeing a review for a book someone really loved! I love seeing people share the love. I love writing super fangirly reviews so I really enjoy reading those too. I also enjoy reading in between reviews. Those are when you liked a book but it wasn't amazing. I like seeing how people handle a book they didn't really enjoy without being mean. I think my favorite part of a review is the characters. Having good or bad characters is important to me when reading a book. Because the characters are really my favorite part :). But I like to know how fast paced the story is too. When a story is slow its harder to stay interested.

What do you guys like too see in a review? What's your favorite part? And, which do you prefer long or short reviews? Let me know in the comments!



  1. I honestly prefer shorter reviews, though it really doesn't matter. I try to write shorter reviews but they always end up longer than I wanted. lol

    1. My reviews just turn out short! Long reviews kinda scare me! I feel like their hard to take from. Thanks for leaving your opinion!