Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just Like Heaven by Clarissa Carlye Review

Just Like Heaven
Reading Level: YA or NA
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Stand Alone
Arthur Cooper is the star quarter back and all round heart throb of Collinswood High School. Demi Mitchell is the A-student girl who likes poetry and dreams of following in her lost mother's footsteps of becoming a nurse. When Arthur and Demi's worlds collide they touch each others lives in a way neither of them could ever have expected.
But what happens when you don't get the happy ending? When the love of your life leaves...can you pick up the pieces and is there any hope for a future?
In this heart warming and sometimes tear jerking story, follow the lives of these 2 young adults fresh out of high school as their lives intertwine with each other and touch those around them, finding true love in each others arms, promises hard kept and ultimately coming to grips with the difficult decision on what is truly the most important thing in life.
This is a story of young love you will not soon forget.

I'm conflicted with this one. The storyline was predictable and way too fast. I felt like I was watching a movie. I pushed myself to finish for two reasons. One, so I could be done and two, so I could see how it all wrapped up. But, it was very adorable and the characters were very well done. Those are important things in my book and almost made up for the bad stuff.

This one tells the story of Arthur and Demi. They don't intend to fall for each other. But, they do. And they have an amazing roller coaster of a relationship. And an even bigger adventure along the way.

I loved Demi. I thought she had a great personality. I loved how hard she worked even when things didn't go as planned. She made the best of what she had. And she took responsibility for her actions but didn't let others of the hook. Now I can't say the same for Arthur. He was really only a okay character. He had his great moments and his make me want to slap him moment. I think the relationship between Arthur and Demi was a little in unrelatable. It moved really fast. I found myself annoyed with their choices. But the truth is that stuff does actually happen. I did like how real some parts were. I also liked the character development and the cuteness.

This one had a predictable storyline. I knew what was going to happen at the halfway mark. Things moved so fast. At times a day would pass at others a week or a year. It was hard to keep up with time and character perspective. The thing I liked most about this story was that it was cute. I'm a sucker for cuteness. I do think this one could have been better but it wasn't by an means a terrible read.


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