Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday (5)

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This weeks topic is Top Ten Best Bookish Memories.

Every bookish event or reading experience is a memory for me so it was hard for me to remember all of them and just pick 10 but here we go.

  1. Breaking Dawn Part 2- I can still remember going to Target and buying Twilight, reading it for the first time, and completely falling in love with it and with reading. I went to all the midnight showings, bought the t-shirts, and reread the books; so the last Twilight movie was a very, very emotional experience for me. I was with awesome people and I cried through about 75% of the movie and I know I'll remember that forever.
  2. ALA Midwinter- It's hard to believe that this was a year ago. It feels like yesterday. It was me and Jasmine's first book conference and we were completely new to everthing. It was so much fun. It made me want to go to all the conferences ever.
  3. TLA- Everything is bigger in Texas-including book conferences. This was in a way better than ALA because it was the annual one for the state and I knew more of what to expect. The whole experience was amazing. Being in Houston, meeting so many authors, seeing my blogging friends, getting awesome books. There's so many memorites that I know I won't forget.
  4. Reading The Fault in Our Stars/meeting John Green- This goes along with TLA because I read The Fault in Our Stars while we were there. I finished it at about 4am in the hotel room, sobbing and laughing at the entire time and waking Jasmine up (she just looked at me and went back to sleep). The next moring with the feelings still fresh and my eyes crusty from tears and lack of sleep, I met John Green, got my books signed, and got to tell him how hard I cried-in a good way, though.
  5. Meeting Maggie Stiefvater- This was at TLA as well (I'm sure you can see why it was memorable). She is one of my favorite authors of all time, one of those that's on the list of authors I would love to meet but don't think I ever will. So I freaked out when I found out I was going to. She was so nice and funny and liked that her books made us cry. That's an author for you.
  6. Any author signing- Those two were particularly memorable but I've been to so many to so many signings, met so many amazing authors, and every single time was memorable in some way. I know that no matter how many I go to in the future it will never stop being awesome to be able to talk to an author face to face about their book.
  7.  Austin Teen Book Festival '11 and '12- Even though I was alone both times it was still so much fun. Meeting authors, getting pretty signed books, and being around people who love books is one of the best ways to spend a day, in my opinion.
  8. Midnight showings- I know some people are iffy about it but seeing my favorite books on the big screen makes me all happy inside-as long as they do it justice. I sort of make it a mission to go to the midnight realeases as often as I can and it it breaks my heart a little when I don't get to go to one. I love seeing everyone in their t-shirts and sometimes costumes, I love how all of us are practically jumping up and down in our seats in anticipation, I love how when I walk out despite being sleep deprived I'm always in a state of shock and awe. I remember every time.
  9. Book releases- Another one of my missions is getting my books the day they come out. I go absolutely crazy for a year waiting for them and when they come out and I know pretty copies are out there waiting for me I can hardly think straight until I finally have it in my hands. Then I hope that for their sake no one talks to me and I normally finish it that night or the next day. Anyone else?
  10. Talking to authors on Twitter- Whenever an author replies to me or retweets me or favorites something I said it makes my heart happy, even if it's not a super long convorsation. There's something special about reading an authors words and then being able to talk to them almost instantly. It wasn't always like that.
So that's my top ten for this week. What was yours? Are any of ours the same? Let me know in the comments :)

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  1. AAHHH! I am so jealous that you went to ALA!!! I so want to go!!! If you ever go to the Austin Teen Book Festival we should meet up and fan girl about all the authors there!

    Thanks for this post! I think I might join in on this meme because it looks like so much fun!!