Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Wrap Up

Hey guys! So this past year has been an amazing year of blogging.We have made so many new friends. We've learned so much about blogging. We've read the most amazing books. We met tons of authors and went to conferences. I don't think either of us could have imagined blogging would be this amazing. At this time last year we had just started our blog and had no idea what we were doing! Now, our little, bitty blog isn't so little. We both accomplished our reading goals for the year which were 100 books. Marissa finished with 100 and Jasmine finished with 130! Next year Marissa's goal it 110 books and Jasmine's is 125.We owe you guys lots of thanks for sticking with us. You guys really make us feel like our hard work paid off. This post is pretty much gonna be a combination of things we feel you should know from the past year and what to expect in the future. We hope you enjoy! Also be sure and watch our Best of 2012 vlog at the bottom of this post!

Meme's: So this year we participated in Teaser Tuesday, Waiting on Wednesday and our meme's Author Love and Series Love. The past 2 months we've been taking off Author Love and Series Love because we were running out of things to use. Both those meme's will be back in 2013. Instead of doing Teaser Tuesday were going to start doing Top Ten Tuesday. We're also going to start doing Cover Crazy on Monday's. Instead of just doing a post though we're going to try and do vlogs! So be sure and keep an eye out for those.

Conferences and signings: This year we both attended TLA and ALA Midwinter. For 2013 we plan on going to TLA and ALA Annual. So if you were there or are planning on going let us know! We went to the Pitck Dark/Breathless Reads event in February( you can find our post on that here). We also have a pretty cool post about the author signings at TLA( which you can find here). We attended a Michelle Hodkin event that you can read about here. We attended the release party for Opal by Jennifer L. Arementrout you can read about that one here. I don't think there's any signings we plan on attending right now but if its in the Texas area we could possibly be there. Usually we tell Twitter about things like that so be sure to follow us there. The information is on the Contact page.

Giveaways: Yes, we know we had a lot of giveaways this year. It got a little crazy. But, we hope you enjoyed them and want more! For now we plan on slowing down till after summer then having a couple big ones. The big ones will hopefully be for milestones. The reason were waiting till after summer is because we're going to conferences and that's where most of our giveaway books come from.

 I think that's it! Now onto the fun stuff we have a vlog for you. We even filmed it together which is rare for us. It's a combination of our best of 2012 choices.  We decided to be a little creative and have some fun this year! We gave ourselves lots of categories so we can pick lots of books. We have 8 categories. Those are Debut, Addition/Start to a series, Standalone, Most Cute, Best Couple, Cover, Tearjerker, and Most Anticipated. Since we have a lot of categories we're only picking first and runner up. Basically every category will have two books from both of us. Some categories may have some we wanted to include so those will be the exceptions. Choosing was really hard for us! Filming this was also incredibly hard. We have a blooper video we wanted to include because its funny. We hope you guys enjoy! Be sure and leave us links to your end of the year posts :). Keep reading below the videos because our most anticipated books for 2013 are there. Sorry the pictures are all jacked up they didn't want to look pretty.

Marissa's most anticipated 2013 releases-

 Marissa also included Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout and Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins! Those don't have covers yet though so we couldn't add a picture

Blooper video. This was our first attempt. We thought it was funny so we included it :).
We managed to film a video! We had a ton of books so we kinda had to rush through. We also didn't have all the books so we were a little flustered. But we made it work!

Overall 2012 has been an amazing year of books and blogging. We're sad to see it end but we know 2013 will be even better. See you guys next year!

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