Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jennifer L. Armentrout Opal Release Party!

*happy dances* Texas won the contest for which state got to host the Opal by Jennifer L. Arementrout release party. This was our first ever release party. We drove from Dallas all the way to Houston for it (which is a 5 hour drive that Jasmine drove and almost killed us both a few times). It was such an amazing event. There was an insane amount of readers, role model-big bloggers (like Yara from Once Upon a Twilight, Valerie from Stuck in Books, the girls from YA Sisterhood ect. it was like being surrounded by celebrities), Entangled authors and even the owner of Entangled herself, Liz Pelletier (who we owe many thanks to since she's the person behind the lovely covers among other things). We made so many new friends and had long discussions about books. We did lots and lots of fangirling. We got about 15 books signed between the two of us and came home with almost 20 books. We are so lucky that Texas won. This was the most amazing experience. We have tons of pictures for you guys and a giveaway below.

Us 4 hours before the signing after a 5 hour drive. (I know, how is it possible we were so cute after 5 hours on the road? We're just that cool-ha no we changed in the bathroom)

The display! Almost all these books were gone by the end.

The huge crowd. The turnout was insane. The lines were super crazy. See if you can find us in the crowd (it's super obvious)! 

They had the cutest swag ever! The little gold things are guitar picks for Apollyon. On the left is an Obsidian button and a "Hey Kitten want a cookie" bookmark. The bookmark Jasmine won in the raffle :). The rest of the swag was just handed out.

The city of Humble giving Jennifer a certificate and making December 15th Jennifer L. Armentrout day for all her amazingness.

Jennifer and Pepe answering questions. Jennifer is hilarious and she made it feel like we were all a bunch of friends hanging out on a Saturday night. For all you Pepe lovers his accent is amazing (we should have recorded it). He's more like Dawson than Daemon but we don't mind one bit. Everyone in the crowd would fangirl every time he spoke. Everyone also spent a lot of time staring at his face. In doses though. It's kind of like looking at the sun.

Lets all take a second to stare *pets the screen*
Its blurry but it serves its purpose.
Us with Pepe and Jennifer.

A little extra Pepe for you guys! (That definitely added to the reading experience)

Our signed Covenant series books

Our signed Lux series books. If you look closely you can see that Pepe wrote Hey Kitten in all the books.
 Jasmine got Cursed signed too.
That's about it for the pictures! As I'm sure you can tell we had an amazing time. By the time we left we had been there for 7 hours and were exhausted but on one of those awesome book event highs. It was one of the best events we have been to and we both wish we had a time machine so we could do it again. If you were there be sure to let us know in the comments! But please keep the Pepe admiring
PG-13 ;)
 We have a nice giveaway planned for you guys. There's going to be two winners. The first prize winner will get a signed copy of Opal that has Hey Kitten signed from Pepe. The second prize is a signed copy of Opal but doesn't have Hey Kitten, instead you get some pretty cool swag. This is US ONLY. Sorry INT!


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  1. Oh, my god. Pepe. You guy......met Pepe. Not only am I extremely envious of you two, but I am also happy and sad and frustrated. I want to meet that creature of gorgeousness!
    Cheers, girls!

    Millie @ Millie D's Words

    1. You have the right to feel all those feelings! He is very wondeful ;). We included extra pictures of him just for you!