Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pitch Dark and Breathless Reads Tour Events

First off let us say thank you to HarperCollins and Penguin Group for hosting events in Texas. The events were so exciting and fun. It was great to get a chance to meet authors we haven't ever meet before and get our books signed.

(From left to right)
Brodi Ashton,Cynthia Hand,Jodi Meadows,Courtney Allison Moulton,Jasmine,Marissa,and Natalie.

Pitch Dark.
This event was great. We were incredibly excited to meet these authors. All their books are our recent favorites :). Except Cynthia Hand. We have loved her books forever.These authors are so hilarious and nice. If you haven't read every single one of these authors books. You should do that as soon as possible. Their amazing.

(From left to right)Jessica Spotswood ,Marie Lu,Jasmine,Natalie,Andrea Cremer ,Marissa, and Beth Revis.

Breathless Reads.
This event was amazing. All these authors have books that we read awhile ago. Were seriously obsessed with every book by every author. The authors are so so so nice. The panel was hilarious. Seriously all
these books are absolutely amazing. If you haven't read them go buy them right now.

 Marissa and Jasmine <3

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