Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creature Kid Volume 1:The Teenage Chronicles Review

Creature Kid Volume 1: The Teenage Chronicles
Reading Level:Young Adult
Publisher:Self Published
First book in a possible series
*this was gifted from author for review*

The beginning of this book was very slow. It's kinda short so I wondered if it was gonna pick up. It did :). This was actually a very fast paced book.

Anthony is just an average teenage boy about to start his first year of high school when he randomly grows wings in the school bathroom. Anthony was smart and seemed to be worried about the dangers. His friends just thought it was cool and didn't bother to think about what could happen if someone found out. Of course someone does find out and then they go on some crazy adventure in the woods. If you can't tell this was a very entertaining book.

Overall I really liked this book. It has everything a good book needs. Great characters with a fast paced plot and some humor. 4/5 stars
Jasmine <3