Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TLA Author Sigings

There was tons of amazing YA authors at TLA this year. These are only the ones we got the chance to meet and get a picture with. We also got to meet John Green, Kristen Cashore, and Tera Lynn Childs but we didn't get a picture. We want to thank all the people who helped the authors be there and of course all the authors for being such genuinely nice people even though we can be a little creepy sometimes ;).

                       Rachel Hawkins, Jasmine and Marissa. Rachel is so incredibly funny and nice and not creeped out by our fangirling.

 Maggie Stiefvater, Marissa and Jasmine. Ahhhhh she is one of our favorite authors ever.
Marissa, Sophie Jordan and Jasmine. Sophie is so awesome and totally not creeped out that we've met her multiple times.
 Jasmine with Lauren Kate (and a Rapture ARC!!!)
Marissa with Lauren Kate (and another Rapture ARC!!!).
Marissa, Jackson Pearce and Jasmine. Jackson is so hilarious and put a picture of a pig in Jasmine's copy of Purity (and she doesn't look awkward like she said she would).
Marissa,Veronica Roth and Jasmine. Another fangirl moment we had already met her and got our books signed and later on she was just walking down the aisle and we started freaking out and had to get another picture. The girl we were in line with said out eyes were sparkling (as they should be she is super nice and made of awesome).

We also got to meet John Green who is amazing and signed every book and listened to Marissa talk about how much The Fault In Our Stars made her cry and look at all the cute parts Jasmine had marked.

We got to sit with Kristen Cashore at Texas Tea and she was super nice. We also got our books signed even though she had very little time.

Terra Lynn Childs was so pretty and had lots of pink on (Marissa approves). She said some super encouraging things about our blog and gave us a lot of swag to give away.

So there's a ton more reasons to go to TLA next year!
-Marissa and Jasmine

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