Saturday, April 7, 2012

Review: Creature Kid Volume 1: The Teenage Chronicles by Rashad Freeman

Creature Kid Volume 1: The Teenage Chronicles
Reading Level: YA/MG
Self Published
First in a possible series
*This book was gifted to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*
Why do the movies always portray mutants as having some kind of glorious plight? If a kid got bit by a radioactive spider he’d probably puke webs right before he died. Men that can walk through bullets and fly don’t dress in tights and pretend to be newspaper reporters. And there are no special flashlights to shine in the air to signal you when there’s trouble. You want to be a superhero and fight crime? Prospects are unlikely at best. Chances are you’d just get sued by the criminals you arrested and put in prison for delivering your own vigilante justice.  The truth of the matter is living as a mutant is risky business. Uncontrollable outbreaks, delusions of grandeur and don’t forget the horde of scientists eager to pick you apart to figure out what makes you tick. Did you really expect a special school to crop up just to take care of all the misfortunate adolescents? Or you could create your own little team by adding Fantastic, Super, or Glorious to the front of a number. No, you wouldn’t be so lucky. And neither was Anthony Dimair, as a matter of fact he was the exact opposite. Now he must survive long enough to find the meaning of his Uncle’s cryptic message while avoiding capture, fighting the elements, and trying to not end up as dinner.
This book took me a while to get into. It might be because it's an e-book and as I've mentioned before I'm not very good at reading those. But eventually I did and I enjoyed it. The story starts off by introducing the main character Anthony. He is just a normal teenager hanging out with his friends, crushing on a certain girl, dreading the end of summer and his first day of high school. Then something crazy happens: he grows wings. That's really when the story starts and when I started getting interested. That's not really all the plot though there is creepy neighbors, people following him, friends going missing and even a creepy fortune teller lady. There was a lot going on and sometimes I was really confused. It didn't explain why he got these wings until the end of the story and some of the stuff Anthony and his friends did didn't make any sense to me.

I liked Anthony he acted like any teenager would in his situation and he had a lot of stuff going on. I felt bad for him. His friends were really cool I liked how they were always there for him no matter what and how they were willing to do all this crazy stuff with him. I think Steve was my favorite. But I sometimes got them mixed up and wish we could have learned more about them. I thought Nickie the girl he had a crush on was really nice and they were cute. But I highly doubt after one date Anthony was in love with her.

There was a huge twist in the end and it kind of ended in a cliffhanger and I totally didn't see it coming. I thought this book was interesting and fast paced there was some things I didn't like and felt could be explained more but in the end I really enjoyed it. It kind of felt like a short story though and there was a lot of questions left unanswered so I hope there is another one.
3/5 stars.


  1. I guess my first attempt at commenting didn't work so I'll try it again. I first found out about this book from this review. So I went to amazon to get it but couldn't find it. Come to find out the name had been changed to "Shadow of Darkness" and there was a new cover. (thanks to goodreads for figuring that out) Once I finally tracked this book down I have to say I loved it. Really good read and I can't wait until Volume 2 comes out.

    1. Aw I'm happy I could help you discover a new book! I'm glad you emjoyed it also :). Thanks for stopping by <3