Friday, April 27, 2012

Amira Immortal Daughter from Penglai by Lon Dee Review

Amira, Immortal Daughter from Penglai
Reading Level:Young Adult
Self Published
First book in a possible series
*this was gifted to me for review*
Amira, a young, self-centered, and lonely immortal from the mythical island of Penglai, rescues a handsome mortal, Raiden, from angry sea spirits and returns with him to Dragon Hollow in the mortal lands. There she learns the hardships and dangers mortals face as warlords and bandits battle in unending warfare. Powerful dragons have protected Dragon Hollow for millennia, making it the only safe haven in the land, but Amira's arrival upsets that balance as she slowly learns the dragons' secrets.
Confronted with perilous choices, she struggles to understand what it means to live with and trust other people. Are others befriending her only because they need her help, or because they find her beauty alluring, or is it because they truly care for her? Can she trust and even love Raiden, or is he deceiving her to achieve his selfish dreams? In the end, she must decide whether or not to risk her own destruction to save her friends in Dragon Hollow, and she ultimately discovers hidden powers and passions, long dormant within her.

I liked this more than I thought I would. It was really good. Once I got into it I couldn't put it down. It was a very unique story. Amira kinda bothered me at first. She was a little bratty. By the end I liked her. She's strong. She was willing to risk herself for people she just met. At first she was just looking for adventure. Eventually she realized there was more to life than adventure. Raiden was really cute. The whole Raiden Kaifu thing was incredibly confusing. It made sense and it was a nice twist but I was incredibly confused. M'lan was seriously my favorite character. He was adorable. I want my own flying magical tortoise. There was a few secondary characters. I think that all the characters were very well done and relate able.

The beginning was a little slow. It picked up. It was pretty hard for me to put this down. I wanted to keep reading and see what was gonna happen next. Overall I really liked this. I've never read anything quite like this. I hope there is a sequel or a companion novel. I recommend if you like adventure. 4/5 Stars

Jasmine :)

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