Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Archangel Evolution Joint Review

Archangel Evolution (The Evolution Trilogy, #3)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publisher: CreateSpace
The last book in The Evolution Trilogy

 Archangel Evolution- the third book in the young adult fantasy trilogy: The Evolution Trilogy... The battle concludes... While Taylor is still getting used to her evolution, the Archangel Council has uncovered a bold new secret, one that will allow them to finally defeat the demons. Dionysus has a new deadly apprentice, hell-bent on eradicating the human race. Can Taylor master her newfound abilities to finally end the Great War, once and for all

Jasmines review:
It’s hard to put into words how sad I am to see this series end. It was more amazing then I ever would have thought. So much love and excitement. Kiren and Sampson are so cute. I wouldn't expect a demon to fall for an angel. I'm glad Sam found someone and was a part of the story. She’s defiantly my favorite character. When Sam was kidnap Chris's whole personality changed. This shows how much he cares for her. Taylor and Gabriel are my favorite couple. Their so adorable. I hope every one of these couples get married and have little babies :). I admire Taylor. Her strength is unbelievable. She started off as an everyday human. Then next thing you know she’s this super powerful archangel. Dionysus was extremely creepy. He turned David into a monster :(. The storyline defiantly kept me reading. I liked how we didn't have to wait till the end for the action. Overall this book and series are absolutely amazing. If you haven't read this I highly recommend it. 5/5 stars

Marissas review:
This is going to be a review for Archangel Evolution but it will probably go on and on about how good the whole series is. I didn't expect it to be as good as it was it completely took me by surprise. Let me tell you what I like best about these books.
The plot: It may seem like just another angel vs. demon book but it's not. The angels are super evil and the demons are super good. It's reversed and I've never read anything like it. There's never a dull moment.
The Characters: I loved the characters. I've said this in the reviews for the other books in this series but I can't help it the characters are amazing. Taylor is hilarious and strong (yes I know I've said that every time too) I love how even though she does fall in love she stays true to herself and doesn't let it blind her. Gabriel is adorable he's not perfect he's made mistakes but he's made up for them and then some. Sam is awesome she's girly but tough at the same time I loved her relationship with Taylor they were both there when they needed each other. Chris like Gabriel was adorable and he was hilarious. Sampson and Kiren were really cute. I liked how Taylor and Kiren bonded in this book and how close Gabriel and Sampson were. And I love Kirens hair :) Rocky was so cute I loved him. Dionysus was so incredibly creepy and David was so evil and so sad. I really liked Clifford :(
The Romance: It may not seem like it but these books were very cute. There was not one but three couples in this and I loved that. I think Taylor and Gabriel were my favorite they were so cute and their banter was so funny. Sam and Chris were adorable and it was so sweet how upset Chris got when Sam was taken and I love how they were always sneaking off to do stuff together ;). I loved how even though Sampson was an angel and Kiren was a demon they looked past that and really loved each other.
And despite all that there was still tons of action. So both guys and girls would love this.
Wow that was long I just couldn't help it these books are awesome and the author deserves tons of recognition. Overall I thought this was an amazing conclusion to the series I loved all the training, action, humor and romance. Even though I'm sad to see it end I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next :)
5/5 stars!


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