Monday, December 26, 2011

Angel Evolution joint review and giveaway

Angel Evolution (The Evolution Trilogy, #1)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publisher: CreateSpace
First in a trilogy

Angel Evolution- the first book in the young adult fantasy trilogy: The Evolution Trilogy... When Taylor meets Gabriel at college, she is in awe of the subtle glow that surrounds him. No one else, not even her best friend, seems to notice. Something about him scares her. Is all as it appears? While Taylor struggles for answers, she finds herself in the middle of a century old war centered on one miraculous revelation: evolution

Jasmines review:
This wasn't what I expected at all. Being a angel freak I knew I would like it but I wasn't sure how much. I seriously read this in like a day and a half. I couldn't put it down. It was kinda slow at first but I had a feeling it would speed up and it did. Gabriel was kinda creepy stalker at first. I didn't like all the lies. It was like he was using Taylor but he has some feelings for her too which makes things complicated. Taylor was like that strong heroine. She wasn't letting anyone control her. I'm not too sure about the tattoos. I'm not really a tattoo kinda person but that's kinda a part of her character. Her love for Gabriel was so sweet and adorable. I think he returned some of her feelings but I don't know how strongly. Sam is so girly. I love how it takes her hours to get ready because I am the same way ;). Surprisingly enough I liked Chris. Him and Sam were adorable. There was so much romance in this. I really like how it wasn't just one couple. The ending had quite the buildup. I don't think it was as exciting as it could have been. It explained everything perfectly but it wasn't very exciting. Overall I really loved this a lot and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel. 5/5 stars

Marissas review:
I've read a lot of angel books but this one was so incredibly different it hardly fits in the same genre. In this book angels and demons have nothing to do with religion or God they were actually created 150 years ago and I really liked that it was different and new and I loved learning about it. And I was surprised that I sided with the demons in this. I loved the characters and how there was multiple points of view so we got to know all of them. Taylor was really strong and snarky and I loved how she stood up for herself no matter what. I was a little suspicious of Gabriel at first but he proved himself by the end and him and Taylor are really cute together. I also loved how Sam and Chris were cute too it was like double romance and I think Sam is probably my favorite character. I can't wait to see what's next for all of them and I already bought the next book. I'm not sure what I was expecting from this book but it certainly blew me away.
5/5 stars


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