Saturday, April 6, 2013


Hey guys! We have a little update for you! We had some things we wanted to change mostly having to do with memes.

Cover Crazy:
If you saw our 2012 wrap up, we said during 2013 we wanted to do a meme called Cover Crazy. We said we were going to do it once a month each and it would be a vlog. Sadly we haven't been doing it. We're trying to come up with something else. We still want to do videos and have something for covers. It might end up being like a book feature or something like that.

Author and Series Love:
If you haven't noticed these past few weeks we haven't been doing author or series love! We're slowly running out of options! We're gonna take a break for a couple months so we can get some new material! I'm not too sure how long the break will be but the memes will be back eventually. Instead of the memes we will have a review up on Friday's

TBR Vlogs:
 We've always done TBR Vlogs. We decided to change it up a little bit and make them monthly wraps ups. So we will both record a video with a TBR for the next month and a list of books we read this month. We also might include any new releases we picked up and other stuff like that! These vlogs will probably be either at the beginning or the end of each month.

We are slowly approaching 200 followers! When we get there we will have a big giveaway! TLA is coming up and is a good chance for us to get some signed stuff for you guys. I think thats it! These are just a few things we wanted you guys to be aware of! Keep an eye out for those memes and DFTBA!

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