Thursday, April 25, 2013

Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington Review

Emblaze (The Violet Eden Chapters, #3)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publisher: Sourcebook Fire
Source: Bought
Third book in the Violet Eden Chapters
Once again Violet Eden faces an impossible choice ... and the consequences are unimaginable.
Violet has come to terms with the fact that being part angel, part human, means her life will never be as it was.
Now Violet has something Phoenix - the exiled angel who betrayed her - will do anything for, and she has no intention of letting it fall into his hands. The only problem is that he has something she needs too.
Not afraid to raise the stakes, Phoenix seemingly holds all the power, always one step ahead. And when he puts the final pieces of the prophecy together, it doesn't take him long to realise exactly who he needs in order to open the gates of Hell.
With the help of surprising new allies, ancient prophecies are deciphered, a destination set and, after a shattering confrontation with her father, Violet leaves for the islands of Greece without knowing if she will have a home to return to...

This was a pretty good addition to the series. It didn't quite meet my expectations though. I was expecting a little more. For now Entice holds the favorite spot.

The main reason I did t enjoy this as much was because there was no character closeness. That is one of my favorite parts of this series and it drastically lacked with this one. Violet was on her own a lot. She was still strong of course but she kinda avoided everyone. I understood she was having a tough time but I just wished she hadn't cut herself off from everyone. Lincoln was amazing and frustrating at the same time. I missed the closeness between Violet and Lincoln so much. Not the kissy parts even though those are always nice. I mean the relationship. It's always been amazing even when they weren't together together. And now it's kinda just awkward. And then there's Phoenix. He was kinda just around. He didn't really have a good side anymore so I didn't like him too much. My highest hope for the next book is character closeness.

One thing this didn't lack was action! The storyline was amazing. I couldn't stop reading even if I wanted too. It was crazy fast paced. There was a pretty good amount of suspense. I had no idea where the story was going. With that being said it was a little hard to keep up because there was so much going on. The story did make up for what I missed with the characters. Overall this was a great read. I was a little disappointed but now too much. I do have incredibly high hopes for the next book though :).


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  1. It broke my heart that Linc and Violet wouldn't just give in and be together. I understand that it could end terribly, but they are living alone and that's even worse!

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