Friday, July 12, 2013

Keeping Safe the Stars by Shelia O Conner Review

Keeping Safe the Stars
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Publisher: Putnam
Source: Conference
Stand Alone
When crisis hits, a young girl becomes the only one left to take care of her family
Pride, Nightingale and Baby are the Stars. Orphaned and living with their grandfather, Old Finn, in rural Minnesota, the children, like their grandfather, are wary of outsiders. They believe, as Old Finn taught them, in self-reliance.
But then Old Finn falls seriously ill and is taken to the hospital all the way in Duluth, leaving the children to fend for themselves. Pride, as oldest, assumes the lead. Though she makes mistakes, she keeps them afloat; they even earn money for the bus trip to Duluth. But when they finally see Old Finn, he can't walk or even say his own name, and Pride knows her days of keeping safe the Stars are drawing to a close. Self-reliance can't make Old Finn well again. But maybe, just maybe, a secret from Old Finn's past might make a way for them to stay together after all.
A poignant story about family and love, Sheila O'Connor has delivered another extraordinary and mesmerizing tale.

What an adorable read. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this one. I will say it wasn't really what I was expecting but it was still very good. 

This tells the story of three kids. Pride, Nightingale, and Baby. When their only living relative falls ill, they must take care of themselves until someone comes for them. 

These characters were absolutely fabulous. Pride was an amazing leader and caregiver. I loved that she never gave up. Yes, she didn't always make the right choice but she tried and that's what matters. Nightingale was so cute! I loved how smart she was. She knew how to use that brain of hers. She was also very strong. She wasn't going to let her opinions not be heard. Baby might have been my favorite. He was so very cute. These kids had it tough but they made it work. I loved getting to see them grow. 

I didn't know what to expect at all. I expected this to be very adventurous and it was very contemporary. It was an adorable story of the kids every day life. It had some serious moments and some super fun moments. Those poor kids had no one taking care of them. They had to find a way to survive. The story wasn't fast paced but it was very unique as adorable. I think this is a perfect read for younger kids. Older kids will enjoy it too though.


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