Friday, May 31, 2013

Texas Library Association 2013 Conference

We were lucky to get to attend our second TLA conference! It was so great to attend this conference again and see some old friends. The conference was three days, filled to the brim with signings and exploring the exhibit hall.

I think total we each got 100 books. We're not doing pictures this year of the books. Instead we're going to leave our top ten books we were most excited to get. We weren't very grabby this year. One because it wasn't our first time. Two, because we realized we didn't want to get books we weren't going to read. Sadly we also realized its frowned upon to take copies for giveaways. Instead when we are done with our ARC we might give some away for you guys! You can also ask to borrow we love sharing!

I think total we met maybe 15 YA authors! We have tons of pictures to share. Some books we got free some we bought there and some we brought from home. We ended up with so many signed books its crazy. That's one of the reasons we love TLA so much. Lots of great authors go!

We also got to catch up with some bloggers and even made some new friends. We had Alex from Peace Love and Fangirl with us. She's our friend first, blogger friend second. We met Mary from Mary Had a Little Book Blog who is new to Texas and a new blogger who definitely has the potential to be huge in the blogging world. We ran into Kari from A Good Addiction who is always funny and awesome to hang out with. We also ran into Dee from Good Choice Reading who was absolutely hilarious. We got to meet Jean from Jean Book Nerd and Book Nerd Blog Tours. We had never met her before and had no idea we would run into her! We chatted with upcoming author Lindsey Cummings for a little. We also ran into Mary Lindsey for I think the third time. Jasmine happened upon to tap David Leviathan on the shoulder and beg him to sign her copy of Invisibility since we had to miss his signing. We also talked to A.S. King for a bit.

Now for the fun stuff, pictures!
From left to right we have us with Bree Despain, Margaret Stohl, Jeniffer Echols, and Victoria Scott

From left to right we have us with Lisa McMann, Tera Lynn Childs, Robin LaFevers, and Marissa Meyer.

From left to right we have us with Marie Lu, Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, and Kiersten White
On the left both of us with Mindee Arnett, Marissa with Simone Elkeles, and us with Kendare Blake.
Jasmine's top ten most excited to get!

Marissa's top ten most excited to get!
We packed all our books onto one bookshelf. Both those shelves are double stacked!
Jasmine's poor car was packed to the brim with all our books!
I think that's it! We had an amazing time at TLA. We have tons and tons of books set up to read. We want to say thank you to all the publishers and librarians that make TLA so amazing! Thanks for reading guys and keep an eye out for reviews!


  1. You girls had such an epic trip. Glad you got some great titles :) Extremely jealous of all those books. Can't wait to see what you think of all of them!

  2. *blushes* That is so sweet of you to say! I had a blast hanging out with you ladies! We're definitely going to have to hang out soon. Hope you're enjoying your spoils as much as I am! ;)

  3. Congrats girls! You got some seriously EPIC books! I can't wait to read your reviews!