Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Last Secret of Nikola Telsa by Rene Daniel Review

Reading Level: YA or NA
Publisher: CreateSpace
Source: Author
Second book in the Spear of Seth series
Tesla was wrong. Most of the time, anyway. Right? In any case, you may find it annoying when you have to study his inventions, at least those which worked, during your physics class. Just like Alex, Heather and the rest of the Van Senmut College gang you may have met before, when they searched for Spear of Seth. This time, first comes a mystery, then a tragedy. The adventure, unwished for, is next. And so our heroes ride again, from New York to Alexandria, from Florida to the White Desert, and back again, following a trail, which links a legendary civilization to that mysterious genius, Nikola Tesla. 

This was a pretty good read. It had a lot going on and was hard to keep up with at times. The mythology was very well done and the characters were great.

I don't remember the first book well. This story follows Alex and Heather. Alex's mother has just been in a tragic accident that he believes was planned. He's determined to get to the bottom of it. Heather just wants to have her relationship with Alex back. Little do they know their in for an incredible adventure.

I didn't enjoy Alex as much as I expected too. I liked how determined he was but I didn't like how he always made rash decisions. Because he didn't stop to think things didn't always go as well as they could have. I enjoyed Heathers character a lot. She balanced Alex well. I liked how smart she was and how she always thought everything through. Dragon also made an awesome addition to the story. He just might have been my favorite.

Mythology is one of my favorite genres. I loved that this was packed with gods and myths. It had its fast moments and its slow. I did have a really hard time keeping up. It switches from 3 point of views and things are happening at different times but all kinda connect in a way. Overall I think this was a great sequel. It seemed very well done and thought out. If your a fan of mythology this one is for you!


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