Sunday, September 23, 2012

Chase Tinker and The House Of Magic by Malia Ann Haberman

Chase Tinker and the House of Magic (The Chase Tinker Series, Book 1)
Reading Level: Middle Grade
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Source: Author
First book in The Chase Tinker series
*This was gifted to me by author for review*
In Chase Tinker's world, magic, lies and secrets can be a lethal combination...
Chase Tinker has the power to move things with his mind. His brother Andy can stop time. The thing is, they have no idea where these crazy abilities could've possible come from, and, are totally clueless on how to control them. Chase wants desperately to talk to his dad about it, but Benjamin Tinker has disappeared without a word.
It's a huge shock to Chase and Andy when one day a grandfather they thought to be long dead arrives at their door. He invites them to come spend the summer with him and their cousin Janie on a remote island in an out-of-this-world house where fantastic magic can be found in practically every room, stairway and corridor. Chase can't believe his dad has been lying and keeping so many important things from his sons.
Not long after the boys' arrival at Grandfather's house, their aunt, who has been on a mission to find their missing dad, turns up, hurt, sick—and alone. Now three of the biggest questions in their minds are: where in the world is their dad? And how will they find him? Or, is he...dead? It doesn't help matters when Chase's despicable cousin James arrives and turns everything upside down, even putting Chase's life in mortal danger.
As he spends more time in the house, Chase begins to realize that, not only has their dad been keeping things from them, but Grandfather seems to be keeping several secrets of his own and Chase is bound and determined to find out just what those secrets are.
Chase soon finds out that all their magic is controlled by a strange, incredibly powerful relic hidden in the attic, and if anything happens to this relic every bit of Tinker magic will be lost forever. And, if this isn't enough to worry about, the Tinkers are also facing a terrifying and powerful enemy that is determined to destroy the Tinkers and possess all their magic, their house and their Relic. Now Chase, along with Andy, Janie and their good friend Persephone, must find a way to stop these evil beings in order to save, not only themselves, but everyone else on the planet.

I love middle grade. I also love magic. This was a perfect mix of both. The magical aspect was awesome. It reminded me of Harry Potter and Howl's Moving Castle. All the characters were great.I loved how innocent they were. This had a super exciting storyline. I can't wait to see what happens next.

I really liked Chase. I like how excited he was about the magic. I also like how adventurous he was. I have a feeling his role is just going to keep getting better but hes the perfect person for it. Andy was so cute. He really grew into his magic. I love his innocence. Hes just a super cute little kid with magical powers. Chase and Andy had some pretty cool powers. I wanted to hop into the story so I could have powers too. The rest of the gang was awesome too. I loved Janie even if she was a know it all. Also Maxwell was a pretty cute partner in crime. I sense some romance brewing between Chase and Persephone. They would make a super cute couple.

This had a pretty great storyline. I loved the magic. All the different magical rooms were so cool. I wish my house was like that. There was a fair share of suspense and mystery. There was a pretty good amount of twists too. I never saw any of them coming. Overall I really enjoyed this. It was such a good read. Everything was pretty well done and I can't wait to see where the story is going to go. 4/5 stars

Jasmine <3