Monday, December 23, 2013

Twin Falls by Lena Brown Review

Twin Falls: A Novel
Reading Level: Young Adult
Publisher: Buzz Books USA
Source: Publisher
First book in a possible series
*This was gifted to me by publisher for review*
Twin Falls, Texas
Population: Unknown.
What if you thought you were all alone in the world, only to find out you had a secret twin in a hidden colony deep under the red dirt in the middle of nowhere? After her mother dies, Eve is sent to live with a family she never knew, just days before her 16th birthday. The one-horse town is a cover for the Order of the Messenger Angels, but their enemies, The Crusaders, believe they are evil incarnate and won’t stop until the Order is wiped out. Eve’s heart — and her life — are in danger. Can she save them before it’s too late?

This was a little on and off for me. It was just okay for me. It had some good aspects and some bad.

This tells the story of Eve. It's time for her to face her past and get back to Twin Falls. As she gets used to her new life, her powers grow and she discovers who she really is.

The characters in this story didn't wow me but they weren't bad. Eve had a great snarky personality. I loved how strong she was. I wished we had gotten to know Alphia a little more. We didn't get to see a whole lot of her. I liked both Luke and Jude but hated how Eve was practically with both of them. It wasn't like a love triangle. She had feelings and moments with both of them. By the end I found myself wishing we had gotten to see more of all the characters.

I'm a huge fan of angel books. I always have been. I loved the twins concept and the differences between them.  I liked that everyone had their own purpose. There wasn't a lot of action. The storyline was a little confusing. At times it was all over the place. I loved the underground school and the Texas setting. overall this may have just been okay but it was still enjoyable.


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