Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Drink Divine by Aryn Cordner Review

Drink Divine (Drink Divine Book 1)
Reading Level: Young Adult
Self Published
Source: Author
First book in the Drink Divine series
*This was gifted to me by author for review*
In late nineteenth century London, seventeen-year-old Selena Bancroft has been blessed with beauty and fortune—and the expectation that she marry when she comes of age.
Consumed with wanderlust, a beau is the last thing Selena wants. However, there is something inexplicable about Gabriel Easton that draws Selena’s attention.
When she decides to spend the summer in Germany away from the hated social season, Selena brazenly flouts her debutante duties—despising the dresses, the suitors, and feeling like a pretty trinket at auction—and is unexpectedly drawn into Gabriel’s world. But Gabriel has a secret, one that will change Selena’s world forever. Will she willingly sacrifice everything for the one thing she never wanted?

It's been awhile since I read a vampire story. I enjoyed this but it didn't wow me. 

This tells the story of Selena. She's taken to Germany in hopes of avoiding the social season. She doesn't expect to find a relationship but she's drawn to Gabriel in more ways than one. 

I think I enjoyed this story the most because of Selena. She was a fabulous main character. Her personality was very well done. I loved how she handled her family. She stood up for herself without being rude. Gabriel was also a great character. I loved how sweet he was. His family was a little interesting but still well done. I didn't really see a lot of vampire aspects other than the blood of course. They seemed almost perfectly normal to me. 

This was a very historical read. It was set in an older time. I really enjoyed that aspect of the story. There wasn't a lot of vampire. That kinda threw me off because this is a vampire story. We didn't get to see a lot of that side. There was a fair share of action. There was lots and lots of suspense. I had trouble putting it down. Overall I did enjoy this. I did wish for more vampire aspects though. If your a fan of historical times, this is for you! 



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