Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Ghosting of Gods by Cricket Baker Review

The Ghosting of Gods
Reading Level: Middle Grade/ Young Adult
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

Source: Author
Stand Alone
Jesse is an apprentice exorcist who defies his priests when he learns his sister is in danger even though she’s dead. When he’s exiled to a haunted world, Jesse must unravel the mystery of ghosts if he is to save her. He plunges into a deadly game of hide-and-seek. The players include denizens draped in monkish robes, ghosts with matted eyes, the dead who tunnel underground in terror, and...Elspeth.
A coven scientist, Elspeth is both respected and feared for her abnormal spiritual powers. Jesse needs--craves--the knowledge of ghosts which she possesses. But is Elspeth a spiritual prodigy, or dangerously insane? The coven scientist begs him to trust her. He doesn’t. But he wants to.
Caught in a world on the brink of spiritual evolution, Jesse struggles to understand Elspeth even as frightening contacts from his sister force him to face the secret, shattering meaning of a verse he knows well: Blessed are the poor in ghost.

I'm not going to say this was a bad read because it wasn't. It had some good and some bad. I am going to say that I personally didn't enjoy it very much. It just wasn't for me. 

This tells the story of Jesse, Po, Ana Lilly, and Leesel. Leesel has been kidnapped after they are all sucked into this new world. Together they must reduce her and find their way out of this world, filled to the brim with creepy crawly monsters and ghosts. 

The characters were very off for me. At times they seemed like adults then they would act like kids. I actually have no idea how old they were but I would guess at like 13. I couldn't really connect with them. Even though they were always together, they didn't work well as a team. They were constantly fighting. One thing I did enjoy about the characters was how complex they were. 

What I really didn't like about this book was the storyline. It had way too much going on at all times. We didn't get the chance to connect with the characters before the story for going. Everything was really unique it was just too fast. I eventually lost interest and had to push to finish. Overall this wasn't for me but it was awful. It did have some good aspects to it. If you like action packed ghost stories with a curious set of characters, give this one a shot! 


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