Friday, January 11, 2013

Series Love #17: The Mortal Instruments

Series Love is a meme we came up with. There are so many amazing book series out there. We love to share the love and help spread the word. If you want to play along all you have to do is pick a series. It doesn’t matter if it only has one book or a million. Include authors name and the covers of the books.

My pick this week is the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare
I put off using this series for series love for a while because I don't really know how to explain why I love this series so much. But in honor of the first series love of the year I decided to finally try.
I started this series a couple years ago when I was just getting into my all consuming love of reading and YA books and because of that this series had a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time reading a for real forbidden romance. Not one that was forbidden because they were a different species or one didn't think it was worth the risk-no there was a very good reason for this relationship to not work despite how bad I wanted it to. That was torture. I read it after City of Glass came out but before City of Fallen Angels and that was my first time going absolutely crazy waiting for a book to come out.
If you've heard that Cassie Clare's books are full of pain and heart break that's very true. But because of that I got so wrapped up in the characters story that I didn't even realize it before I was too late. I got sucked in so much that I felt what they did and wanted so bad for them to be happy or I wouldn't be. It's a very unhealthy reading experience and I blame Cassandra Clare for most of my less than sane moments but it's so worth it. Like I said it really is an experience, one that you have to experience for yourself. If you haven't read these books for whatever reason you don't know what you're missing. It will make you cry, laugh, smile, scream, turn the last page and wonder what on earth you're supposed to do with your life now. Then you find the lovely legion of fans feeling the same way you do.

And can we just take a moment to fan girl about the movie that is finally coming out this year. Ahbfisrbglisurhgosegssehfoeohog. There moment over :)

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