Thursday, January 24, 2013

Discussion Post: Librarian Conferences

This is my first discussion post so I'm sorry if its bad! This is a topic that's on my mind a lot. Conferences are very popular with bloggers. Their amazing. But I feel like they cause some problems with librarians and bloggers. They are called librarian conferences and librarians are who they are for. But bloggers go to because bloggers and librarians are a lot alike.

I feel like bloggers might be resented by librarians. I'm not saying all librarians dislike bloggers or even any of them. But when bloggers go to librarian conferences, they are getting books meant for libraries. And yes, that is unfair to the librarians that have to work so hard to go. But, bloggers do a lot for books these days. Blogging is a huge community right now. It's very popular. I don't think its fair to say that all bloggers are getting a bad reputation for going to librarian conferences. If your a blogger that goes but does nothing for the books that you receive then yes that is bad. But, If you write reviews and feature the books then your helping a lot. And there are even some bloggers that share the books they receive with other bloggers and readers who weren't able to go.

I feel like if your a blogger that goes to things like that then you should be extremely careful what you do with the books you get. Be sure to always review them. If you get a book that you already have or get in the mail later then do something nice with it. Give it to another blogger or give it away. No one needs to copies of an ARC. Be extra careful not to ruin things like this for other people. No blogger wants to have a bad reputation or be resented for being a blogger. We're all the same really. We just want to share our love of reading with the world. Plus librarians are amazing people and personally I want librarians to like me being a blogger!

So those are my opinions on this subject. No offense is intended at all. I just wanted to put this out there and see what others have to say about this subject! Thanks for reading and be sure to leave a comment!



  1. This is an interesting topic. I never thought about it. I think that bloggers, and librarians as well as readers should all get together and be one because we all share the same love of books right. But we should all respect each other also and not be greedy. for example, if a bloggerr knows that he/she cannot read and review abook she should not take it and if you can you should leave it to the librarian or someone who can have more use for it.

    1. Yeah this topic comes to my mind a lot because of all the drama that ends up happening at events like these! I agree that we should all work together, we all play for the same team! Sometimes it just doesn't end up working that way :(. Thanks for leaving your opinion <3

  2. I recently went to ALA so I think this is a great discussion post. Before I went to ALA I had in my head that this conference is FOR librarians. But I am very immersed in the book blogging world and I work closely with our school librarian as well. So I wanted to hear about the releases coming out this year and get the opportunity to meet some of the great people that would be there. I had no intention of getting many books. Well, there are books thrown at you from all directions, and while I only took books I really wanted to read I still ended up with a lot. But I got to talk to A LOT of people and got a lot of books and supplies for the school library. I'm excited to read and review everything I got and am super excited to share my thoughts with everyone. I had fun chatting with librarians as well and giving them recommendations which they added to their 'list'.
    I wasn't all about stalking for books and didn't hover in areas waiting for more to be put out but I still ended up with enough books to review for the rest of the year. I think you just have to remember to not be pushy and not be there for the 'free books' but to learn about the new books coming out and to connect with bookish people and librarians.
    I know this is a rambly comment, sorry! I keep getting interrupted by my kids. But I think you get my point anyway! I agree that us book bloggers should have the opportunity to go but we need to be respectful of the librarians and remember that it's FOR them first.

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